Rooter signs up GodLike, India's biggest esports team, as a part of their current 100 cr investment in Indian esports industry
Team Godlike On Rooter

GodLike moves from Loco to Rooter to make it a deal stated to be the biggest in Indian
esports market

New Delhi, May 2022: From stepping into India’s game streaming arena two years ago to becoming the biggest game and esports streaming platform, Rooter has unfurled a massive wave in India’s eSports landscape, in a flash. Rooter

The platform is now taking a major leap by signing the country biggest deal with the country’s most prominent and powerful eSports team God Like.

The partnership deal provides Rooter exclusive live streaming rights for GodLike’s BGMI, Free Fire, CODM, and new forms of live gaming content. This partnership is stated to be the biggest Esports deal in India’s history.

The partnership between the two entities will not be limited to game streaming, as Rooter will also serve as a sponsor for GodLike in all the upcoming tournaments and events. Fans. can catch the currently active content creators from GodLike on Rooter.

They currently include, Jonathan’ Amaral, Abhijeet ‘Ghatak’ Andhare, Abhishek ‘ZGOD’ Choudhary, Vivek ‘ClutchGod’ Horo, Suraj ‘Neyoo’ Majumdar, and Ashpreet ‘Gill’ Singh. All these streamers will now exclusively be seen streaming live streams on collaboration. Rooter, as a part of this

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